Wooden Honeycomb Wall Shelf

Make hexagon honeycomb display shelf with our wooden hexagonal shaped shelf that can be mount attached together to make a honeycomb style wall display shelves.




This handmade Hexagons / Honeycomb shaped shelving are built hung kiln dried pinewood. Shelves can work as BOTH wall decoration and as functioning shelves that could be hung individually, and can be hung in whichever pattern you’d like!

Dimension: 5” D x 14”W x 12 1/8” H

Materials: Quality Palochina Wood

Color: Natural Varnished, Dark Stained or Painted in Colored (optional)

Thickness: ¾

Quantity: 1 piece

Features:  Display Shelf, Planter Shelf, Book Shelf


Price: 425.00

Additional information

Dimensions 12.7 × 35.56 × 30.48 cm


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